Innovative skills require innovative learning.
At Zosz, we believe learning should be fun, so we’ve designed a program that kids actually get excited about, while also preparing for the future. Discover an innovative learning methodology where children ages 7 to 12 develop soft skills through programming, robotics and virtual reality—all while having a blast!
When children step into our “classroom,” they become part of the Zosz world. Rather than being passive participants behind a screen, kids are transformed into Zosz Agents, actively working together as the heroes of the story. During each session, Agents embark on special missions in which they complete a set of unique, skills-based challenges—from programming robots to building drones.
"I have worked very closely with Marcelle for the last year and I can say that she is one of the most talented designers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I have seen her embrace challenges that were completely new to her and deliver brilliant work. She went on to create one of the most exciting brands I have ever seen, the work of a true artist. Her resourcefulness, work ethic, creativity, and proactiveness are admirable!"
-  Ana Paula Reissmann (ZOSZ Co-Founder and Products & Operations Lead)
Strategy & Design Direction: Marcelle Lucena and Academy/99
Copywriting: Alex Vickery